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2018 Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller - Midnight Blue (Wave Board Compatible)


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The new 2018 Silver Cross Wave stroller features a new chassis with slants to be able to click the new Silver Cross Surf Board directly onto the frame.

Wave is a very special combination of luxury and innovation, designed to give your newborn the very best comfort and protection, yet future-proofed for a second baby – all in one package.


The new 2018 Silver Cross Wave stroller features a new chassis with slants to be able to click the new Silver Cross Surf Board directly onto the frame.

Wave is a very special combination of luxury and innovation, designed to give your newborn the very best comfort and protection, yet future-proofed for a second baby – all in one package.

This is achieved with an innovative One plus One ® connection system that is both simple to use and offers 15 stroller, bassinet and car seat configurations. We are sure you won’t need them all, but our designers have been busy ensuring they are all available so your siblings or twins can ride in comfort, safety and of course the optimum style.

Single Pram System, 3 Configurations


The bassinet has a very robust hard-shell base for safety, yet it is ultralight and softly padded with our trademark natural bamboo fabrics. The bassinet has a removable washable mattress and two independent ventilation points. It is supplied with a padded, tailored fabric set and fully ventilated canopy.


The stroller seat is roomy and extremely supportive with multiple recline positions and is reversible for baby to face you or to explore the world. The stroller has a padded, tailored fabric set and fully ventilated canopy.

Travel system

For convenience when traveling attach your car seat directly to the frame with the car seat adaptors included in the Wave package.

The car seat adaptors fit:

Maxi-Cosi Mico AP, Mico 30, Mico Max 30, Cybex Aton, Aton 2, Aton Q, Cloud Q and Nuna Pipa.

One plus One

The complete Wave package includes both a bassinet and a stroller seat. Right out of the box, you can use the patented One plus One® system to create a double stroller that’s perfect for transporting siblings or twins.

Wave package includes

Wave frame, lie-flat bassinet, padded mattress, reversible stroller seat unit, separate stroller and bassinet tailored fabric sets and fully ventilated canopies, shopping basket, tandem connectors, cup holder, separate stroller and bassinet rain covers and mosquito nets.

Wave features all of the attention to detail and quality you would expect from Silver Cross. Every part of Wave has been designed to be beautiful yet practical, created only with the finest materials to ensure years of use for you and your baby or babies.

Maimum weights:

  • Main Seat: 55lb
  • Tandem Seat: 45lb
  • Basket: 33lb

One plus One

Wave offers the ultimate in flexibility. It provides a luxurious pram system for your newborn, then in the future, the innovative One plus One® system allows you to adapt easily between 16 configurations.


Each of the Wave color combinations has been thoughtfully designed with co-ordinating fabrics, trim and frame. The styling of each of the colors focusses on detail and precision and are simply like no other. The four colors are finished in high-performance fabrics designed to give years of service.


  • Premium footmuff
  • Seat liner
  • Luxury bag
  • 2 mosquito nets (included)
  • Cup holder (included)
  • Parasol

Wave is available with a beautiful range of color-coordinated accessories to compliment your pram system. They are created from matching fabrics and trims and designed to complete your look.

Optional accessories

Tandem seat, bassinet, luxury changing bag, seat liner, parasol, pure wool blankets, premium footmuff, car seat adapters and bassinet adapters.

  • Tandem seat
  • Two raincovers (included)
  • Bassinet

Tandem Second Seat

The Silver Cross Wave Stroller new for 2017 is a wonderfully versatile stroller. Whether you have one child now and are planning for the future, or have twins or two young siblings of different ages, the Wave stroller can adapt to the needs of your family.

The Silver Cross Wave Tandem Seat Complete allows you to add a second seat onto the frame of your Wave Stroller. This setup works great if you have two stroller-age children who have outgrown the Wave Bassinet. The Tandem Seat is also reversible, giving you plenty of options for configuring your Wave Stroller in any setup to best suit your family.

The Wave Tandem Seat Complete offers multiple recline positions, ensuring a comfy ride for your little passenger. The well ventilated canopy is generously sized for protection from the elements, and the padded tailored fabric set creates a beautiful, finished look.

Additional Information

Model No. (SKU) : SCWDS-Midnight-Blue

Color: Midnight Blue

Manufacturer: Silver Cross

Age: No

Size: No

Condition: New

Type: No

Discontinued: No



Nick Fredrick

I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product.
Product was amazing, well worth the money. It is like the Rollys Royce of strollers.

VIkki Amzel

Parent of Two or More Children, Experienced Parent, Working Parent

I would recommend this item to a friend.

Switched from my Uppababy Vista - and couldn't be happier!
So just a little about me. I am a mother of three kids, that just had my fourth child on March 16. I've had my Uppababy Vista from last year for my 14 month old. It did the job for me but I was never really happy with the stroller. It was big and bulky and frankly I hated how it looked.

When I saw the Silver Cross Wave at the ABC Expo show recap I was ecstatic. It looked like everything I was looking for in a single and double stroller and on top of that it was GORGEOUS! I went into Babys Den in early March to see the stroller in person. It was even more beautiful in person. Admittedly, the stroller was a big heavier that I had wished but they told me that was because of the magnesium alloy built frame to make sure it is super sturdy and smooth in any push.

I decided to bit the bullet and purchased the Wave. It was great that everything I needed was already included in the stroller. It came with a cupholder, seat liner, aprons for both the stroller and the bassinet and car seat adapters that worked perfectly with my Nuna Pipa. I purchased the additional diaper bag because it was quite beautiful too and completed the look (the diaper bag I am writing a different review for but 5 stars for that as well!) I also purchased the tandem seat since I will be using the stroller as a single and a double stroller.

I walked out with the Claret color and used it for my 14 month old. Right away I noticed Wave stroller pushes way better than my Uppababy Vista. It has a much cleaner push and moves up curbs a lot easier as well. The fabrics are MUCH MUCH higher quality than any other stroller I have seen. The basket is waterproof and holds 33 pounds which is about 20 pounds more weight than the Vista. The Wave also allows you to keep the stroller seat or bassinet in the higher position which gives more access to the bassinet, but also allows you to be closer to the baby. I love this position and keep my bassinet and seat in this position even when I am using it as a single.

My baby was born mid march and I had to switch the stroller into a double stroller. Switching the Wave from single to double mode is really so easy. It just takes a couple of steps and wallah I had my double stroller. The lower seat is almost the same size and the main seat but holds 45 pounds instead of 55 pounds for the main seat. By comparison, the Vista only holds 35 pounds which is why everyone complains that it is very hard to push as a double.

As a double stroller I use the bassinet on top and the tandem seat on the bottom facing out. My newborn is in the bassinet on the top position and my 14 month old is out facing the world. I know my Uppababy stroller does not allow you to use this position in double mode and I believe there is no other stroller in the market that allows you to do this - this is exclusive to the Silver Cross Wave.

I will cut this short because it seems I can go on and on about my review. Overall I am extremely happy with my Wave stroller and I am telling my two other pregnant mommy friends to go for it as well. I will upload some pictures as well when I get a chance. Stay tuned! <br>


Amazing quality
Great fabrics
Everything you need is included in the box
Holds a ton of weights, 55 pounds for the main seat and 33 pounds for the basket
Very easy to switch from single to double stroller


A bit heavier than other strollers but definitely worth it!

Best Uses:

Single stroller
Double stroller
Everyday stroller


Parent of Two or More Children

I would recommend this item to a friend.

This stroller is AMAZING in every aspect in single or double mode!
When I first ordered the stroller, I was a tad hesitant given I ordered the stroller and never even pushed or saw it. The moment I pulled it out of the box, I knew this was the stroller of all strollers (It even smelled like a brand new BMW). The quality of the stroller doesn't compare to any other stroller. I have two kids under two and a half and it is SO practical to use and meets all of our needs.

Putting it together, taking it apart and converting it from a single to a double is easier than any other double stroller you'll find. The fabric on it looks as if it is Hugo Boss suit. The bassinet and seat are comfortable and a great size (my two and a half year old is very tall for his age and fits in it well). The basket is HUGE and fits everything we need to perfectly. Maneuvers so easily and pushes like a dream, you can definitely feel the quality the instant you push it.

My son is two and a half and uses the tandem (second) seat. He fits really well in it, given he is tall for his age. It comes on and off the stroller so easily and the quality of the seat is amazing!

I also love that it has all the features of the main seat! Most double strollers don't give that option. As for using the stroller as a double stroller, it doesn't get better than this!!

I have multiple strollers and this doesn't compare to any other stroller. its your single, double, all terrain, fancy and practical stroller all in one! I couldn't say enough about it!


Quality Look Practicality Maneuverability Double Stroller Comfortable Big basket Made of beautiful fabrics Easy fold and unfold


Cup holder pops out a bit A tad heavy

Best Uses:

Single stroller, Double Stroller, Going out to park, walks

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