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Medela SoftFeeder (Sterile)

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Cups offer certain advantages over other feeding systems such as tubes, bottles and spoons. They maintain tactile contact for the baby and are relatively simple to use. Using a cup avoids nipple confusion/preference and requires little of the baby's energy. It also increases to probability of successful breastfeeding as the baby develops further.

The soft silicone construction and special reservoir of the SoftFeeder (formerly SoftCup Feeder) controls fluid unlike regular cups. The valve and self-filling reservoir system provide feeding control. Maintains exactly the right amount of milk at the lip of the cup, providing reward for even the slightest feeding effort and preventing flooding if baby should squirm or jerk.



  • 80-ml collection container
  • reservoir
  • collar
  • disc
  • white membrane and
  • instructions.

Additional Information

Model No. (SKU) : 6100018S

GTIN: 20451610184

Color: No

Manufacturer: Medela

Age: No

Size: No

Condition: New

Type: No

Discontinued: No


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