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JJ Cole Collections Arctic Bundle Me Infant - Charcoal / Silver


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JJ Cole Collections Arctic Bundle Me Infant - Charcoal/Silver

The Arctic Bundle Me makes traveling with children a pleasure by eliminating the need for a winter coat. You'll enjoy versatility by using your Arctic Bundle Me with infant carriers, car seats, strollers, joggers and bike trailers.


Providing premium protection from extreme weather conditions, Arctic Bundleme is a must-have for cold weather.

* DWR - durable, water resistant outer shell
* adjustable hood for warmth and protection
* use with car seats
* removable top for easy temperature control
* allows safety straps to rest directly on the child
* crash tested- FMVSS 213

Additional Information

Model No. (SKU) : BMAHS

Color: No

Manufacturer: JJ Cole

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Condition: New

Type: No

Discontinued: No


Chad Hightower

I would not recommend this item to a friend.

Looks awesome
Have yet to use it, but I plan to this winter in Lake Tahoe. I also bought one for family in Boston who is due in November. Quality seems great.

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