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Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Miracle Black/Purple, Cotton Mix

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The entirely new and unique design with a generously padded adjustable waist belt, comfortable back support and wide shoulder straps allow flexible carrying in a variety of ways.


Ergonomic Waist Belt and Flexible Carrying Provide Superior Comfort

The entirely new and unique design with a generously padded adjustable waist belt, comfortable back support and wide shoulder straps allow flexible carrying in a variety of ways. Easy adjustments, made from the front, transfer baby’s weight between your waist, hips and shoulders as needed. The baby carrier is easily adjusted for that perfect fit.

The ergonomic waist belt can easily be adjusted to vary pressure points.
Adjustable back support provides comfortable stability for the lumbar region. Wide shoulder straps for maximum comfort.
Safe and simple to use with all adjustments made from the front.

Extended usage

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle’s adjustable design allows the baby carrier to grow with baby – from newborn right through to approximately 15 months. Our user tests show that children, once they start to walk by themselves, no longer prefer being carried in a baby carrier. When a child is around 15 months old, he or she is eager to discover the world for themselves.

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle is designed to fit your newborn perfectly from day one, without the need for an extra insert, inset or pillow. You carry your newborn close to your heart - high up on your chest and facing you - providing that essential closeness while at the same time allowing you supervision of baby's breathing. The baby carrier is developed in cooperation with pediatricians and is anatomically adjustable to fit your growing child. This means that baby's head, neck and back are properly supported at the same time as baby's legs and hips are kept in the correct position - right from day one.

The head support plays a vital role in providing support for the newborn baby’s neck. It is adjustable and can be folded down once the child can hold his or her head up (around four months) and carried facing forwards.

Carrying your child facing you, in an upright position,permits the free passage of air. Eye contact can be maintained and allows supervison of baby’s breathing.

We collaborate with pediatricians. Because important issues call for real answers, our close cooperation with leading pediatricians has served as a guiding light right from the.

Discover the World Together

When your child’s neck muscles have grown strong enough (around four months) and he or she is ready to meet the world, you can carry your child facing forwards – in secure contact with you all the time. Meeting an exciting world with one’s back resting safely against mom or dad’s chest is a great source of delight to most little ones. Pediatricians confirm that this is a natural developmental stage in children.

Extra Soft and Gentle for Baby

With your baby in mind. For someone who is new to the world, being carried in a baby carrier should feel cozy and pleasant. And why the seams on BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle have been placed on the outside, so they won’t chafe baby’s arms and legs. The fabric on the inside of the baby carrier was designed to be particularly smooth and gentle on sensitive skin. All of the materials used are tested and guaranteed free from harmful substances, and comply with the requirements of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 for baby products. To us that’s important!

You can Choose Fabric

This product comes in three fabric collections.

Durable Cotton Mix

The soft cotton mix is a durable cotton and polyester blend providing soft, strong quality.

Cool and Breathable Mesh Fabric

The mesh fabric is the ideal choice for a warmer climate. The breathable mesh fabric keeps both you and your baby pleasantly cool and comfortable. The main fabric is our specially developed 3-D mesh with excellent breathability and moisture-transporting qualities. It also dries rapidly after washing.

Pure and Soft Organic Cotton

Caring for the next generation. The organic cotton is grown and manufactured in compliance with strict environmental regulations. It is certified in accordance with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), the most widely recognized international standard for organic textile manufacturing.

Essential Closeness right from day one

Small children have an enormous need for closeness in the form of body and eye contact with mom and dad during their first months of life. The warmth of your body, the sound of your heartbeat and your voice equal intimacy and security. Closeness to you represents a calm harbor in a world full of new impressions and gives baby self-assurance.

An ergonomic wonder - waist belt and back support

Back and Shoulder Relief

The waist belt can transfer the weight of your baby to your hips to relieve your back and shoulders.

Unbeatable ergonomics

  • The adjustable design makes this baby carrier an ergonomic miracle.
  • The most comfortable for the baby
  • Extra soft fabric and no seams that can chafe your baby’s sensitive skin.


Age: From newborn – Approx. 15 Months (3.5-12 kg / 8-26 lbs)


  • Cotton mix: 60% cotton och 40% polyester.
  • Mesh: 100% polyester.
  • Organic: 100% organically grown cotton.


BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Miracle meets the safety requirements of ASTM F2236-10.

Product care:

Machine wash, warm (40°C). Wash separately with a gentle, bleach-free detergent.

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Color: Black/Purple

Manufacturer: Baby Bjorn

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