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2014 Mamas & Papas Urbo 2 Stroller with Leather Trim



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Narrow and nippy, with a compact frame for smart city steering.


Narrow and nippy, with a compact frame for smart city steering.

You love hitting the city, but with all the bustle and bumps it can be rough. So we’ve made sure the urbo² has even more ways help you keep your cool. The narrow frame is just as light, stylish and nippy, but now the built-in wheels have front suspension, so little passengers get an even smoother ride. Plus there’s a concealed sunshade for long, lazy naps in your favorite café.

  • Smooth mover – front suspension for a bump-free ride
  • Space saving - slide the adjustable handles right down to squeeze into even tighter city spaces
  • Hallway-friendly – folds away for easy storage
  • Zzzzzz – built-in insect net and sleepshade to stop unwanted visitors

Features & Benefits:

  • Set up for snoozing – extra lined hood and visor
  • Full recline – for long, leisurely naps
  • Reversible seat – so they can face you or the world
  • Flip-flop friendly brake – for easy stop and go
  • Peek-a-boo window – for quick check ups
  • Lots of distraction – fun toy loop to keep baby entertained
  • Safe on the road – car seat compatible
  • Temperature control – adjustable air vent to keep baby comfortable
  • Comforting bumper – leather bumper bar for extra peace of mind
  • Quilted comfort – super-comfy luxury padded seat
  • Bags of room – easy access shopping basket


  • Dimensions: H: 35 x W: 21 x D: 33” approx.
  • Folded Size: H: 11 x W: 21 x D: 33” approx.
  • Weight: 19.8lbs approx.
  • Age Suitability: Birth - 50lbs approx.

Additional Information

Model No. (SKU) : Stroller_Leather_Trim

Manufacturer: Mamas & Papas

Age: No

Condition: New

Type: No

Discontinued: No


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Great Stroller!
After much research I purchased an Urbo2. It's exactly what I hoped it would be. For one thing, it's gorgeous- the frame, the fabrics, the leather looking bumper bar and handle- everything. It has great maneuverability and it's easy to push with just one hand even. It's easy to fold and unfold and it's lightweight. The reversible seat is a must for me as my babies always seem to be very happy in a stroller when they can see me. I prefer the handle height all the way extended as I am fairly tall, but I also love that it can telescope down to a very low height which is great for my older kids who love to push the baby as well as for making a more compact stroller in tight places like a restaurant or a bus. The stroller seat is a nice generous size and the padding is the cushiest I've ever seen. Even the strap covers are cushy. The seat sits nice and upright, and I love that it can lay truly flat for long stroller naps. (Because it can lay truly flat it would really be suitable even for a newborn without a bassinet.) The canopy is very large, which is a big plus to me. The basket is not huge but it's surprisingly adequate. Today we fit a small diaper bag in there as well as a couple of kid jackets and a few other small items. We could have gotten even more stuff in there, I'm sure. The suspension on the front wheels is really impressive. It's the best I've ever seen- except maybe for the bugaboo chameleon. I can actually just roll right up over sloped curbs because of it. Not even my UppaBaby Vista can do that! The stroller is really narrow and can fit through a lot of tight spaces. It's significantly more narrow than my Vista. The Urbo2 comes with a rain cover which is neat but I pretty much never use rain covers. The accessory that I like is the nifty sunshade/privacy shade/bug net which is actually tucked right into the foot rest. It's always handy! I think this stroller can handle just about any terrain that a suburbanite or city dweller would encounter- bumpy sidewalks, cobblestone or bricks, stray stones, a patch of grass here and there, etc.

There are a few things that would make it a 5 star stroller to me:
-Slightly larger wheels. The wheels are adequate and the suspension does make up a good bit for what it lacking in size, but if they were just a bit bigger this stroller could probably tackle anything.
-An even larger basket. I just so adore the huge basket on the UppaBaby Vista.
-Something on the stroller is creaky sometimes (from day one). I think it might be the wheels? It doesn't seem to be a functional issue thus far, but it just sounds bad. Maybe it's just all the metal parts on this thing? Whatever it is, I could do without it.
-If the stroller could be folded with the seat in the parent facing position. Currently the seat must be in the forward facing position to fold the stroller. It's not a huge deal though, because the seat is very easy to reverse. Nonetheless I would love to have the option of leaving the seat parent facing.

The bottom line is that this thing is awesome! I would never have purchased the original Urbo because of the lack of suspension and wheel issues I read so much about as well as the smaller basket and the lower, less upright seat. But Mamas & Papas has made some MAJOR improvements with the Urbo2. It's a great and very functional stroller. I love it.

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